Mantram Repetition Program (MRP)

How to Choose a Mantram:

Choose a mantram word or phrase with care. You can find a recommended list on this site or at Don't make up your own mantram. Take into account your personal religious interests (or lack of them), your personal reactions to the words, and the practical significance of the words. Choose a mantram that comes from a traditional source. Such words carry a kind of transforming “charge” from having been repeated by millions of people over the centuries. The meaning can help transform your thinking as it helps to refocus it. Its “charge” can help bring stability even in the face of difficult times. Don't make up your own.

Choose a mantram and try it for a few days or weeks. Then decide whether it is a tool that speaks to your own condition. When repeating a mantram, it isn’t necessary to think of the meaning.  In fact, sometimes thinking about the meaning can lead you away from focusing on the words and become a distraction. By concentrating on the words, they will eventually penetrate into your subconscious and transform your thinking. You may have heard of the saying, “We are what we think.” Well, that’s the point of filling your mind with something inspirational, comforting, and positive. We will be able to calm ourselves and find a peaceful mental space with mantram repetition.

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