Mantram Repetition Program (MRP)

July 7th, 2014: Fellow in the Spotlight features the transformative work of the American Academy of Nursing. Dr. Bormann was featured in the July 7, 2014 issue, click here!

June 22nd, 2012: Mantram Repetition was featured on PBS! Check out the full episode here!

April 3rd, 2012: We interviewed with KPBS, San Diego, CA. The subject was Vets Find Mantram Repetition Helps PTSD Symptoms. Check out the online article and video here!

January 9th, 2012: Mantram Repetition, along with other alternative therapies (i.e. yoga, tai-chi, acupuncture) that are being used to help Veterans at the VA San Diego cope with post-combat stress, was featured on the front cover of the Union Tribune! Check out the article here!

December 6th, 2011: Mantram was mentioned in the latest issue of Good Health Magazine! Check it out here!

May 17th, 2011: Meeting Seeks to Expand VA's study of Complementary Alternative therapies for PTSD: Article

April 25th, 2011: We interviewed with wsradio, a San Diego, CA internet radio station! To listen to the entire interview, follow the links below:

1. Segment 1: Health Headlines, Events and Medical News for Military Veterans

2. Segment 2: Chronic Veterans' Health Problems

3. Segment 3: Research Breakthroughs for Veterans' Health Issues

4. Segment 4: How Medical Research is Improving Healthcare for Veterans

May 14th, 2009: University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Television.  53 minute program on, Research on Aging: Mantram Repetition, A Portable Stress BusterUCSD TV Program

March 18th, 2009: UCSD Stein Institute for Research on Aging Free Public Lecture Series: "Mantram Repetition: A Portable Stress Buster." UCSD TV Program

May 28th, 2008: UCSD Accommodation Counseling and Consulting Services Health and Wellness Lecture Series: "Mantra Repetition: A Portable Stress Buster." UCSD Blink Podcast

February 14th, 2007: We interviewed with KPBS, San Diego, CA.  The subject was Vietnam Vets Testing New Therapy to Treat PTSD.

--KPBS: Transcript

A news story on the VA San Diego Healthcare System's mantram repetition (or rapid relaxation program) was aired Wednesday, April 18, 2007 at 5 p.m. (PST) on news Channel 10 (ABC). It was featured as part of the "Staying Healthy Report" with Carol LeBeau.

--10News: Transcript

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