Mantram Repetition Program (MRP)

Mantram Repetition Program

The MRP consists of three skills that can be practiced daily: (1) mantram repetition; (2) slowing down, and (3) one-pointed attention. "Mantram repetition" is the practice of repeating a short, self-selected sacred word or phrase representing the highest power we can conceive, whether we call it God, the ultimate reality, or the Self within. The concept comes from the Sanskrit term "mantra" (which is commonly used mistakenly in the West to mean anything that's repeated). Repeating words or prayers can be found in nearly every culture and tradition. As a mantram is repeated silently in the mind at any time or any place, over and over throughout the day or night, it serves to train attention for slowing down thoughts and improving concentration. Slowing down and one-pointed attention support the practice of mantram repetition and together, all three tools assist in raising one's awareness of being in a hurry and multi-tasking. All three tools work together synergistically to bring us into the present moment.